Thieves World

Looking for Answers

My new companions are an eclectic bunch but it looks like we’re all moving towards the same goal at this point: Trying to find out the fate of Clangeddon. After our initial meeting we had some choices to make. We could try and head North and look for clues in The Endless wastes but that is such a long trip it makes more sense to look for clues closer to our current location of Halruaa. The cleric had a good thought about looking for Clangeddon’s enemies, the Drugear to see if they had something to do with his disappearance. However, after further discussion, we remembered that when we were attacked by the crystal trolls in town, they were accompanied by a blue dragon. Bradai had a previous run in with this particular dragon so we decided to confront him. Just North of us, and west of the Misty Vale lies the Wyrmbones mountain range. There had been reports of a dragon harassing the local population so that was our best bet to try and find answers as to why Clangeddon has gone missing.

We found him in a large cave in the mountain range and confronted him. I must confess that I was nervous about this battle as I have never fought a foe this large before but since we had time to plot a strategy and implement it, we ruled the day. The only thing now is to look for clues. I fear that this will be a dead end and we’ll not have any new information, but time will tell.



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