Thieves World

Setting Out

I landed in front of my house and let my wings fold back into a cape. I did enough to help clear out the wraiths and, more importantly, be seen doing it. It was a long night, but no one could say I hadn’t fought hard to help save the city. There will still be pockets of wraiths in the deep places, probably for years to come, but Waterdeep will recover, it always does.

I was about to head inside for much needed rest, and to stow away a few trinkets that might have fallen into my pockets during the fighting, when a figure approached me. I held the door, and Mir, my patron on the council, entered the foyer then turned to face me. “So,” he said, “how much of this is your doing?”

I raised an eyebrow, otherwise keeping an outward appearance of calm. “What would I gain from this,” I asked? “I have power and influence in this city, there’s no way I would jeopardize that. Besides, do you really think something so overt and destructive is my style?”

“Not yours, perhaps, but your… companions.” He seemed to consider for a moment. “It would be best if you made yourself scarce for a time, either way. You mentioned a missing associate in the south, maybe you should look into it personally.” He turned to leave, but paused briefly in the doorway, “Pack lightly. Leave the excess baggage behind.” With that, he was gone.

Well, it seems like I am going on a trip. I wrote some instructions for my staff in my absence, informed the council of my departure, and set the defenses on my house. I tried the communication gem one last time, but Manu was still not answering. Taking only a small collection of items that might come in handy, I set out, alone.



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