Thieves World

The Meeting

Several years ago due to an usual and rare event, a crossing of two planes, Thugra happened to met and gain the favor of Clangeddin. He received as a gift from Clangeddin, a drinking mug. After an life altering adventure involving a vampire, an undead dragon and rare flower, Thugra retired from adventuring, to study the martial arts. He chose a place far to the south and remote, where adventure could never find him again, the Southern foothills of the The North Wall mountains in Halruaa….

Bradai Doilfeoir set out from Waterdeep to find his Fence, who had contacted him earlier. Once arriving in Halarahh, Halruaa Bradai Doilfeoir discovered his Fence missing and a few clues left specifically for him. After following and deciphering the clues, Bradai Doilfeoir found an Amulet of the Planes that Clangeddin had originally took from him. Taking up the Amulet, he noticed at it was pulling in a direction, a kind of physical manifestation of the a Locate Object spell, pulling to the east somewhere in the country of Halruaa….

Jack, while meditating in the Rethild (The Great Swamp), sensed a shift in the divine balance of Faerun, focusing on this imbalance led him to conclude that Clangeddin was missing. But there was an artifact of Clangeddin in the world, and it was not that far away, somewhere in the country of Halruaa….

Halford is a dwarven Priest of Dugmaren Brightmantle, and with all the other dwarves, realized that Clangeddin was missing. After some debate, dwarves struck out in every direction from their kingdoms, looking for clues. Halford headed out to the highway, with nothing to lose at all, started south and continued across the Shaar and into the Bandit Wastes, further then any other dwarf. Then he detected an artifact of Clangeddin, south, over The North Wall mountains and somewhere in the country of Halruaa….

The First Clue

Bradai Doilfeoir and Thugra touch the Amulet of the Planes to Clangeddin’s mug, inside the mug appears the Dawnstone. A powerful artifact of Lathander. It is said the Dawnstone can only be moved by the hand of Lathander, either the god himself or an honored priest of the faith. But the Dawnstone can be moved by the companions if it is inside the mug of Clangeddin.

The Dawnstone prevents wild magic from functioning within a 500 yard spherical area. It also causes all dweomers, including items disguised by magic and magical items whose powers normally conceal their dweomers, to glow with a white aura visible to all creatures.

When the Dawnstone was revealed to the companions, the area they were in was immediately attacked by Crystal Trolls accompanied by a Blue Dragon, who appeared through separate portals.

The Second Clue

After defeating the Crystal Trolls, the companions decide to track down the Blue Dragon. They find it in The Wyrmbones mountains. They successfully defeat it, killing it. They find that one of its horns is not natural, but is instead a crystal horn.

After finding it’s treasure they were leaving the area, when they were attacked by a Horned Harbinger, a favored priest of Myrkul. Myrkul, the God of the Dead, had shown no signs of existence since he was killed the Time of Troubles, until now…..

Thieves World

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