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How quickly things change

I often think of how I came to be in the predicament I currently find myself in. Sure, it has something to do with bad choices on my part, my inability to resist a challenge, and the thrill of adventure I so desperately crave, but I also think there are other factors at work here. The more we find out about certain Gods who seem to have gone missing, and other Gods that seem to have been found, the more I think to myself that my journey is more than the result of impulsive actions. I guess you could say it started with the curse I “acquired” that randomly changes my race everyday, but I think the event that started everything for me was when I unleashed the Nightwalker on the city of Waterdeep. First off I have to say that I could not resist the challenge of teleporting an actual Nightwalker. There was a part of me that didn’t think I could do it. I vaguely remember the slick feel of the Nightwalker’s skin as I teleported with it into the city’s temple. The screaming that followed is also noteworthy I guess, but the thing that stands out the most was what happened during the teleportation. All of my previous ‘ports where instantaneous. Blink and I’m gone. This one was different. This one was the first time I encountered the plane of shadow and the power and influence it would eventually have over me. After escaping the city of Waterdeep and the aftermath of the Nightwalker, I found that I could not escape the images of the plane of shadow and the potential it held. I thought that if I was ever going to rid myself of this “curse” I would find the answer within the plane of shadow, and so I set out to find some answers. It was not too long before I was in contact with a member of the shade enclave and my training as a shadow blade began. Although I learned quickly and still am becoming more and more skilled as a shadowblade, I soon realized that my curse would have to be lifted some other way and I decided to look towards the realm of magic. If the means to ending my curse was going to be magical, then there was only one person I new of that would have the answer. When I managed to locate Bradaii, he was already on a job with several new companions and I found myself again longing for adventure and the thrill that danger brings about in me. I learned that the group was taking on a Blue Dragon and I quickly offered my services. Our defeat of the Blue Dragon brought on an even bigger challenge when I discovered that one of the Dragon’s horns was actually an extremely evil artifact of the God Myrkll. And so I continue on with my adventure with this new group in hopes that I will find a cure for this curse of mine, but more importantly, that I find even more ways to challenge myself and my new found skills.


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How quickly things change

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