Thieves World

How quickly things change
I often think of how I came to be in the predicament I currently find myself in. Sure, it has something to do with bad choices on my part, my inability to resist a challenge, and the thrill of adventure I so desperately crave, but I also think there are other factors at work here. The more we find out about certain Gods who seem to have gone missing, and other Gods that seem to have been found, the more I think to myself that my journey is more than the result of impulsive actions. I guess you could say it started with the curse I “acquired” that randomly changes my race everyday, but I think the event that started everything for me was when I unleashed the Nightwalker on the city of Waterdeep. First off I have to say that I could not resist the challenge of teleporting an actual Nightwalker. There was a part of me that didn’t think I could do it. I vaguely remember the slick feel of the Nightwalker’s skin as I teleported with it into the city’s temple. The screaming that followed is also noteworthy I guess, but the thing that stands out the most was what happened during the teleportation. All of my previous ‘ports where instantaneous. Blink and I’m gone. This one was different. This one was the first time I encountered the plane of shadow and the power and influence it would eventually have over me. After escaping the city of Waterdeep and the aftermath of the Nightwalker, I found that I could not escape the images of the plane of shadow and the potential it held. I thought that if I was ever going to rid myself of this “curse” I would find the answer within the plane of shadow, and so I set out to find some answers. It was not too long before I was in contact with a member of the shade enclave and my training as a shadow blade began. Although I learned quickly and still am becoming more and more skilled as a shadowblade, I soon realized that my curse would have to be lifted some other way and I decided to look towards the realm of magic. If the means to ending my curse was going to be magical, then there was only one person I new of that would have the answer. When I managed to locate Bradaii, he was already on a job with several new companions and I found myself again longing for adventure and the thrill that danger brings about in me. I learned that the group was taking on a Blue Dragon and I quickly offered my services. Our defeat of the Blue Dragon brought on an even bigger challenge when I discovered that one of the Dragon’s horns was actually an extremely evil artifact of the God Myrkll. And so I continue on with my adventure with this new group in hopes that I will find a cure for this curse of mine, but more importantly, that I find even more ways to challenge myself and my new found skills.
Looking for Answers

My new companions are an eclectic bunch but it looks like we’re all moving towards the same goal at this point: Trying to find out the fate of Clangeddon. After our initial meeting we had some choices to make. We could try and head North and look for clues in The Endless wastes but that is such a long trip it makes more sense to look for clues closer to our current location of Halruaa. The cleric had a good thought about looking for Clangeddon’s enemies, the Drugear to see if they had something to do with his disappearance. However, after further discussion, we remembered that when we were attacked by the crystal trolls in town, they were accompanied by a blue dragon. Bradai had a previous run in with this particular dragon so we decided to confront him. Just North of us, and west of the Misty Vale lies the Wyrmbones mountain range. There had been reports of a dragon harassing the local population so that was our best bet to try and find answers as to why Clangeddon has gone missing.

We found him in a large cave in the mountain range and confronted him. I must confess that I was nervous about this battle as I have never fought a foe this large before but since we had time to plot a strategy and implement it, we ruled the day. The only thing now is to look for clues. I fear that this will be a dead end and we’ll not have any new information, but time will tell.

New Companions

I pretended to sip my beer, smiling and nodding along with the farcical tale being told by one of the humans at my table. I took my cues for when to laugh or groan from the other patrons listening, but I wasn’t really paying attention. Out of the corner of my eye, I was watching the human at the bar, drinking from a tankard unlike any of the cheap mugs used by the tavern. I was certain the tankard was what the amulet led me to.

When I reached Manu’s place, I found it deserted and ransacked. Poking through the debris, I noticed an illusion covering a trapdoor. Opening it revealed a small cubbyhole, in which I found the amulet. It looked just like my old Amulet of the Planes, but the only power it had appeared to be a locating spell.

Following the amulet brought me to this dive, and the man with the tankard. I had been watching for some time when a human and a dwarf walked up to him and began asking questions. If the human could be believed, Clanggedin Himself gave him the tankard. It also seemed like the dwarves were in an uproar because the clerics of Clanggedin lost their powers. The other human turned out to be a druid, and said Clanggedin was missing, which was upsetting the balance of nature.

I don’t think much of the clergy, but Clanggedin did all right by me, and this had a “divine intervention” kind of feel to it, so I decided to roll with it. I went over and said, “I met Clanggedin once too.” The first human was naturally suspicious of strangers, but I showed him my amulet. We decided to go meet with a local cleric to see how matters stand.

When we met the dwarven cleric of Clanggedin, he told us how his powers no longer worked. We had him hold the tankard and try a small spell and it worked, but seemed to drain the aura from the tankard. I touched the amulet and the tankard together, and the power flowed out of the tankard into the amulet. The amulet still would not transport us to the planes, but it gained some powers of protection. The tankard no longer had any magic, but inside was a gem.

The gem suppressed wild magic, and caused magic items to glow with a white light. So much for concealing my hidden tricks, I was glowing like the sun. We headed back out to gather more information, me staying well back, out of range of the gem’s power, when a portal appeared above us.

A dragon flew out of it and two more portals appeared; one carried the dragon away again, but through the other charged a horde of crystalline trolls. I set up a hypnotic pattern to slow them down while my new companions charged into battle. I got lucky, and pulled a rhinoceros from my bag of tricks, which charged the trolls. We made quick work of the trolls, but I could already tell, this is no longer a simple rescue mission.

Setting Out

I landed in front of my house and let my wings fold back into a cape. I did enough to help clear out the wraiths and, more importantly, be seen doing it. It was a long night, but no one could say I hadn’t fought hard to help save the city. There will still be pockets of wraiths in the deep places, probably for years to come, but Waterdeep will recover, it always does.

I was about to head inside for much needed rest, and to stow away a few trinkets that might have fallen into my pockets during the fighting, when a figure approached me. I held the door, and Mir, my patron on the council, entered the foyer then turned to face me. “So,” he said, “how much of this is your doing?”

I raised an eyebrow, otherwise keeping an outward appearance of calm. “What would I gain from this,” I asked? “I have power and influence in this city, there’s no way I would jeopardize that. Besides, do you really think something so overt and destructive is my style?”

“Not yours, perhaps, but your… companions.” He seemed to consider for a moment. “It would be best if you made yourself scarce for a time, either way. You mentioned a missing associate in the south, maybe you should look into it personally.” He turned to leave, but paused briefly in the doorway, “Pack lightly. Leave the excess baggage behind.” With that, he was gone.

Well, it seems like I am going on a trip. I wrote some instructions for my staff in my absence, informed the council of my departure, and set the defenses on my house. I tried the communication gem one last time, but Manu was still not answering. Taking only a small collection of items that might come in handy, I set out, alone.

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